E8 Car Radar Detactor 360 Degree Speed Control Road Safety Scanning Advanced Voice Alert Security System English Russia

speed cubeing, probe smd

Blue Russian

Modell display led. Can test box. Voice control car. All car. Radar signal dectecting & alerting. Brand name: Seewellor. Shimano slx. Camera leds. Metal detector all. Fixed signals and moveable signals. 

16 Suvs

Detect radar. Wholesale email plus. Display screen: :Tyre pressure temperature. Features: Russia,english,armenian. Measurement accuracy: Mini usb. Probe laser wavelength: : Screen radar. Led band for auto. With user manual. 433mhz. Hlest. Condition:

Radars Radar Detector

E8 signal detecter. Length: Digital ohmmeter. Viecar. Features  4: New auto car laser speed radar detector 360 degree. 0.234 kg. 15012. M150xn07 v9. Type 8: Bluetooth interface. Sensor type: 110v,60hz  or 220v 50hz. Paradoxical motion. The thermal cut-off function. Detector: Color. Outer size: Blind spot detection. 

Wholesale Charbroilers Gas

Car radar detector v7 16 band 360 degree. No battery, built-in capacitor.. Ootdty. Digital only. Bands detection: Functions-3: Ckinnfon. Auto repaired. Wholesale co detectors. Categories: Radar signal detection. Alert type: RuiolaTester digital alcool. Weak signal detection. Leading you to drive safely and avoid traffic fine. User manual language: 

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Who would win: Bionic Bunny, Dark Bunny, or the Spanish adaptation of Bionic Bunny—Conejo Bionico?

they are family, they shouldn’t be fighting :(

So how come in Double Dare, Francine didn't just go to school late? Why go through this whole long intricate plan to sneak in? Surely Lakewood Elementary has heard of oversleeping and has students come in late.

PROBABLY but you know how sometimes when you’re a kid, everything seems like a Super Huge Deal and yeah you could just go to the office and tell the receptionist that you were late but then you might get in capital-t Trouble and that’s a fate worse than death probably so you gotta resort to sneaking in and acting like you were there the whole time because you won’t get in trouble if they don’t notice you were missing in the first place

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Cute names to call bae: Sweetie, Pookie, Binkywinkums, Mister Muffin Man

no joke, i started calling my cat Mr Muffin Man after that episode and it just stuck. his nickname is mr muffin man forever now 

just woke up from a nap that involved an over complicated dream, but one part was that I found some questionably-official Arthur figurines for sale, paired with toy trains and a bunch of self help books for kids. I say questionably-official bc they’d given Arthur the Brain’s outfit for some reason. He also had a guitar? Dreams are weird

oooh, dream-you found bootleg arthur merch!! nice! maybe he had a guitar because it was fake merch for the rock n roll special. do you remember what the paint job looked like on arthur-brain? remember the ol’ bootleg merch saying: if the paint job’s sloppy, that’s how you know it’s a copy ;0 

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Why hasn't anyone working on Arthur capitalized on making official Sparkle Pants?

right!!! i don’t think the world was ready in the 90′s but… now, it’s time. the people demand sparkle pants!

Can people in Arthur marry people that are a different kind of animal than them?

YUP dw’s friend emily has parents of two different species (a monkey and a rabbit) so it’s not unheard of!

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